Friday, 13 August 2010

Exclusion Zone around Richie McCaw and the All Blacks

I found this interesting definiation of  an "Exclusion Zone" from the Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms published by the US Department of Defense in 2005.

"A zone established by a sanctioning body to prohibit specific activities in a specific geographic area. The purpose may be to persuade nations or groups to modify their behavior to meet the desires of the sanctioning body or face continued imposition of sanctions, or use or threat of force."

With all the debate and furore surrounding some of the refereeing decisions in the current TRi-Nations series you wonder if the IRB will be soon obliged to comment upon the fact that an exclusion zone is in place around Richie McCaw and his team. The "specific activities" in this case refer to the hesitancy of the referees to acknowledge various offences by the All Blacks around the tackle area. In this particular "Exclusion Zone" the All Blacks are also seemingly immune from receiving yellow cards often after a series of warnings. The motivation for establishing the zone around the All Blacks is still to be confrimed but many have their own thoughts and views on the matter! The numbers do not lie according to The Green and Gold Rugby Blog with a total of 43 All Blacks penalties per yellow card compared with 7 for the Wallabies and 6 for the Springboks!

The video below is from Pulp Sport, a New Zealand TV show. The hosts Jamie Linehan and Ben Boyce act under their respective pseudonyms Bill and Ben, perform a half hour of various sports based skits.One segement of the show is called "Sporting Hell" and involves the two presenters tossing a coin.  The winner of the coin toss is rewarded with a pizza from the sponsor, while the loser is forced to do often humiliating sport-themed stunts.In this case Bill has to dress up as a Springboks fan with a sign 'McCaw Is A Cheat' prior to the All Blacks and Springboks encounter in Christchurch and parade through the town!

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  1. Christchurch... what a backward, little town with a big inferiority complex...